How Gold Stocks Can Protect You From Failing Fiat Currencies

A fiat currency is only worth as much as two people agree it is. This is a difficult concept to understand in a strong economy. It’s best understood as a game of musical chairs. When you sell goods and services, typically, the seller is paid with the fiat currency of their respective government. However, once a seller decides that he or she does not want to receive a fiat currency in exchange for goods and services, a chain reaction can begin. Naturally, declining to be paid in a fiat currency means the demand for that currency has diminished. Lower demand causes the value of the currency to go down.

There is another way that a fiat currency can lose value. This can happen through inflation. Fiat currencies are subject to the laws of supply and demand just like any item in a free market. Central governments control the supply of fiat currencies and use this control to provide stimulus and liquidity to their local markets. If a government provides too much supply of the money for the current demands, inflation can result. The prices of goods and services that the currency buys can go up as a result. If, for some reason, the supply far exceeds demand, hyperinflation can result. This is a much more extreme case and can accelerate very quickly until the currency has lost most of its value.

Gold has a history of being used as money throughout the world for hundreds of years. Gold also has utility value as a traded commodity. It has industry uses in medicine and electronics. It also has massive demand in the jewelry markets around the world, This added demand for gold as a commodity has always given it a sense of stability as a currency. As fiat currencies go through hyperinflation stages, gold is more able to keep up with the rising prices of goods and services in an economy. This has always made gold a good choice as an investment hedge against the risk of inflation.

Gold stocks provide an easy way to invest in gold. As opposed to physical gold, which an investor has to worry about how to store, gold stocks can be obtained with a click of a button in an online browser. It can’t be stolen out of your house while you are at work. It’s easy to buy and sell and it provides a sense of security and diversification, especially at times when you feel like markets are changing or becoming more volatile.

For the most part, people don’t even consider that a fiat currency could lose the majority of its value. It does happen though and it typically is not something that people can predict or see coming. It’s something that is recognized after it’s too late. So, the next time you are looking at your portfolio to see how diversified you are, take a look and see what gold stocks you own. Gold stocks shouldn’t be viewed as an investment that grows your money. They are there to protect what money you have, they are a hedge against the unknown, and to provide you with peace of mind.

6 New Laptops coming out in 2019 you should look at buying

Smartphones have made significant leaps i the lives of humans. Though smartphones are very capable of executing everyday tasks, laptops are still irreplaceable by the small screen devices. Apart from a bigger screen, laptops also host better processing capabilities. We bring you the six new laptops coming out in 2019 that you should look at buying.

1. Apple MacBook Pro 2019

Apple is known for surprise elements with the launch of every new product. The most valuable company in the world
launched the current MacBook Pro in 2013.

There is not much detail available regarding the new MacBook Pro on which the team of Apple is applying its brain.
But, Apple has confirmed that it is entirely redesigning the MacBook Pro for its loyal community.

It is also confirmed by the company that the new MacBook Pro is not going to be here in 2018. Thus you can expect one of the most anticipated laptops in the market somewhere in the second or third quarter of 2019.

The current Apple MacBook Pro is one of the best-designed laptops in the market. It makes sense to wait for its successor which is expected to raise the bar of sophisticated, robust design language.

2. Acer Predator Triton 900

Gaming laptops are infamous for being large rigid devices. Well, Acer introduced the successor of its gaming laptop
Predator 700 – Acer Predator Triton 900 at the IFA 2018. Acer Predator Triton 900 is a convertible 2-in-1 gaming laptop. Yes, quite impressive.

The creator of Predator Triton 900 boasted off the flexible form factor of the gaming behemoth. The laptop comes with a 17-inch display with UHD resolution (3840×2160) that supports NVIDIA’s G-Sync dynamic refresh rate.

The placement of the keyboard, touchpad, and design of the laptop is a little bit different from the Predator 700 for
better cooling of the system.

The launch date and the price is not disclosed yet. You must look for the Predator Triton 900 in 2019 if you want to
buy a gaming laptop next year.

3. Dell XPS 13 2019

Dell XPS series is one the best ultrabook series in the market. The Dell XPS 13 2018 features Intel 8th generation
processors. It also hosts a lot of ports and a touchscreen with 4K resolution.

An upgrade in the processors is expected in the next Dell XPS product. Moreover, the position of the webcam is not
convenient in the current models of the XPS series.

There is no official notification regarding the launch and specifications of the Dell XPS 13 2019, but it is expected that Dell will introduce a new product in the series with a few necessary upgrades.

Look for more updates regarding the laptop if you want to buy a lightweight ultrabook.

4. Acer Chromebook 14

Chromebooks are the new age lightweight laptops that are capable of executing all the tasks that a laptop does. The
original Acer Chromebook is going to get a successor in 2019.

It is expected that the new Chromebook 14 will host a full HD IPS display, all aluminum chassis, 4 or 8 GB RAM and will be powered by Intel Celeron N3450 or Pentium N4200. Small, lightweight Chromebooks are liked for long-lasting battery and portability.

Acer Chromebook is worth the wait if you need a small digital companion.

5. Google PixelBook 2

Google has launched PixelSlate which was codenamed as Nocture. Google was reported to be working on another product
along with Nocture which was codenamed as Atlas. It is speculated that Atlas will be the Google PixelBook 2.

Another device which is powered by Chrome OS, ultra thin and convertible is Google PixelBook 2 that you can look for in 2019. It is tough to predict the specifications of the PixelBook 2 as of now.

Apparently, you can expect better numbers in terms of memory, processing capacity and display resolution. Tech
enthusiasts are also speculating that the device will host ultra-thin bezels.

You will have to wait for more information on the exact product, but it is confirmed that Google is working on this

6. HP Spectre x360 – 15-df0068nr

HP Spectre x360 – 15-df0068nr was expected to be launched in 2019, but the company surprised all with its launch in the penultimate month of 2018. The most powerful Spectre yet deserves to be listed in the list of laptops that you should be looking forward in 2019.

The laptop has different modes which vary the power and speed of the machine. It hosts a 4K micro-edge multitouch display and Intel Core i7 8th generation processor with NVIDIA GeForce MX150 under its cover.

It is an affordable, powerful multitasking machine which includes the security of fingerprint sensor and IR camera. You should look at this device if you are looking for a decent laptop with all required features.

4 New Computer Tech You Should Know About

Technological advancement and innovation in our times seem to be at its best. Emerging computer technologies are making life cool. This breakthrough has an impact on our economy, social life and lifestyle, culture, politics, and improvement in health. While some are unfolding now, others will take a decade or more to advance.

Computerized Self-driving cars

Cars today have semi-autonomous features which mean that less human control is needed in driving. The features include assisted parking and self-braking systems. This is bringing to dawn completely autonomous vehicles which will not require any human control to operate; the system is computerized. Waymo will be launching a taxi that is self-driven in the suburbs of Phoenix. Is this not a huge deal? Surely it is. This deal means will bring more efficiency in commute services, reduction of traffic jam and more free time. According to a statistics of study by NHTSA, 94 percent of all accidents that occur originate from human errors. Computerized self-driving cars will reduce rates of accidents by a figure close to 94 percent. This is a hope of better living. However, there is a challenge that a large number of people in the traveling industry will lose their driving jobs.

Computational photography

The term is used to refer to a broad range of ways that software engineers are working on software for better digital cameras. Even without replacement of high-end sensors, better shots are becoming possible with software improvement. Smartphones are gadgets that are widely used to take photos in our times. They are becoming thinner while their ability to capture better images is being developed. Samsung and Apple phones are using software to create a good depth of field effects on these phone models. The progress will require more innovation; therefore, engineers should not settle for less.

Adobe Technologies

Who doesn’t like a technology that is exciting? There is none. Adobe has changed our life dramatically. Social media like Twitter and Facebook could be a hell without a Photoshop where you try to make some of the imaginations of mind a reality. This editing software is just cool for video development. In 2007 adobe introduced cool tweaks for some of its products that were already in existence. The challenge with Photoshop is that it is becoming challenging to differentiate between authentic and fake news.

Smart watches technology for the medical treatment

This is a glorified computerized machine that is saving our lives. Apart from the apparent wearable, you need a smartwatch for tracking your exercising activities. Whether your sporting activity is jogging, walking, running or even swimming, there is a smartwatch available for you.

A study conducted by professional researchers affiliated to Heart Rhythm Society investigated whether heart rate sensor might be useful for detecting the symptomless type of atrial fibrillation and heart arrhythmia. An optical blood volume sensor, which is commonly found in smart watches, was used. 51 patients were enrolled to undergo a procedure meant to restore their normal heart rhythm.

According to the findings of the study, an Apple watch was used to detect their atrial fibrillation, and it recorded an accuracy of 97 %. Female health tracking application in the smartwatch is helpful for female users. The feature helps the ladies track their cycles hence giving them more freedom and reducing anxiety

Therefore, technology is making everything in life beautiful. Although challenges are coming with computerized technological advancement, there isn’t any that is too big to be managed.

What Does The Future Hold For Photo Booth Technology?

A picture is worth a thousand words. As we have moved forward in terms of technology, long gone are the days where we would go to photo studios to have our photographs taken. Everyone wants to take the perfect selfie, and photos with family and friends. Photo booths, are kiosks where a customer can select a particular setting and this setting applies a position to take their pictures in. This setting is used in events, by companies for marketing purposes and also for entertainment value in commercial establishments. This has become highly popular option with customers showing interest.

We all have had photos taken in photobooths. Since the advent of the internet, everything has reached the online, and audiences are more attracted by visual content. There are many applications that encourage sharing photos of one’s photographs online. This has led to the rise of many application that offer services in photo editing, filters for photographs and also the photo booth option. Social media sites are key to this since consumers are keen on updating their pages with photos and videos. These applications provide interactive settings that somethings various facial filters that make photographing a fun experience. These are used by almost all smartphone users.

Snapchat Filters are an excellent example of an online photo booth experiences. Consumers like the fact that it helps them interact with their followers by sharing their life events on real time. But now the industry is set to a major upheaval, with the onset of Virtual Reality (VR).

VR has become a force to be reckoned with experts estimating that this industry will be valued in billions in the coming years. Customers are now investing in VR headsets and are getting fascinated by the world of VR. The immersive VR experience has led to it’s enduring fanbase, with companies trying to incorporate VR for furthering reach with customers. This has led turning point for photo booth experiences, impacting the incredible feats that can be achieved in marketing and also for companies and how they can interact with customers.

Since photo booth experiences are being expanded through VR. Imagine the ability to transport customers to any kind of environment, and the ability to transform customer experiences. Gone are the days when photobooths could only offer few alternate settings, with this anything would become a possibility.”We’ve added things like Firefly photo booths and GIF photo booths just to make sure our clients are happy and using the latest photo booth tech” says Kande Photo Booths CEO Kurtis Hon, owner of a San Francisco Photo Booth Rental Company. This would affect customer perceptions of the overall experience of photo booths. Events will become more responsive and marketing will easily reach the customers This has also brought out the possibility of sharing photos on social media. By integrating photobooths with VR, customers can easily share their photos immediately after taking them.

These photos would be interactive leading to an enjoyable occasion for customers. There is also the fact that customers can take pictures easier with groups and with the possibility to customize their lighting preferences. Since photographs are key factors through which they represent themselves to the world. The future looks bright for photo booth experiences. Customers can look forward to exciting developments, that will change the way the they look at amateur photography.

Are people changing their mind on hunting with the emergence of people

Hunting has always been one of those sports which has been attributed to harming wildlife and the environment as well. However, people have been missing out on the fact that there is a significant difference between a poacher and a hunter. A poacher is a vicious and sadistic human being who kills animals for pleasure and profit, particularly endangered species of wild animals. A hunter on the other hand only kills for his need. People forget that our prehistoric ancestors were hunters. They hunted to provide food for their families and clothing as well.

Fortunately, there are people like Steven Rinella who have been changing the mindset of people who think hunting is to be blamed for the decline of certain species of animals. Too much of something is always bad, so hunters like Steven Rinella are helping people understand how hunters do not just kill animals for fun but use the meat for food. Steven has a popular show titled MeatEater that educates viewers a typical day in the life of a hunter. He talks about the hunting skill and how he uses the game he hunts for his food. The even educates people how to cook the meat of the hunted animals, so that the killing of the animal does not go to waste.

Steven Rinella shows his viewers how to patiently wait for the animals being hunted and shows different tactics of how to hunt wild game. He has hunted different types of animals large and small from turkeys to huge elks. His passion for the hunting sport has certainly made people think a bit differently about the whole hunting idea. On his shows he offers his audience his hunting techniques live, all within the half an hour of time that the show airs on The Sports Channel. His shows are truly exciting and he hunts in many areas across America, well aware on the hunting rules and regulations of each area. Besides hunting, Steven also has years of experience as a professional trapper as he once had a profession selling animal skins.

On his shows, he portrays his hunting skill and even dangerous close encounters he has had with different wild animals. He also speaks passionately about the hunting profession and his zeal for the great outdoors. He emphasizes that every hunter should also protect the land on which he hunts and not resort to needless killing of animals when there is no requirement for it. No true hunter will kill an innocent animal if did not have to. Some hunters have only killed wild animals in self-defense, not because they wanted to. He explains that there are many species of animals that prey on other species of animals. So, when we cannot ask a wolf or a bear to stop hunting, we cannot logically ask humans to stop hunting these animals as it would against nature itself.

Also, Steven explains on many occasions that he takes no pleasure in taking the life of an innocent creature. However, there are many people all over the world who eat the meat of wild game, but no one blames them for eating the meat. It is mostly the hunter who gets the blame and is frowned upon for killing the animal. In any case, many people eat chicken and buffalo meat and these animals are innocent as well. So no one should actually point a finger at a hunter saying that what they are doing is wrong. In reality, a hunter is the only person who understands the animal they are hunting better than the person blaming the hunter for killing it.

The Six Most Badass Tech Backpacks on Kickstarter


is an American entity based in Brooklyn that maintains a Global public funding platform (mechanism of raising funds for projects from huge number of contributors via internet), which promotes and encourages creativity .It is a public benefit
Corporation with a mission “to help bring creative projects to life”. Till date it has backed 257000 unique and artistic ventures in the field of Technology, comics, films, stage Shows, music and food related initiatives etc. It started its operations on April 28, 2009.

A Backpack

also known as kitbag, in its basic form, is a cloth sack carried on a person’s back and is tightened with two straps that go over the shoulders. These are primarily used by hikers, travelers, soldiers, photographers and students to carry heavy loads or equipment and are preferred over handbags because of easy to carry. This improves the ability to carry heavy loads as hips are stronger than the shoulders and the load is easy to balance.


Backpacks are a prominent project category on Kickstart, which have attracted huge number of pledges and great funding over various times and have always attracted keen interest from the funding community. A Tech Backpack is Badass, if it is tough, uncompromising impressive and excellent, which goes by its meaning in Oxford dictionary and the hence the category of badass Tech Backpacks on Kickstart have always invited keen interest from all stakeholders.

Visvo-a new

Generation of tech-filled backpacks, the design of which comes from Berlin, Germany -are the world’s most intelligently designed and minimalistic range. One can charge his devices on the go and light up his life. It has been designed keeping in mind the diverse needs of cyclists and other travelers. Integrated bike lights ensure a safe journey for the cyclist in case he drives through dark. These have spacious interior, backed with good shock absorption technology and have been made from tough, durable and water resistant fabric and have been designed to last for lifetime.

Code 10-are

Water proof, theft proof and Tech-Ready Backpacks and are one of the world’smost versatile bags. This project has 1696 backers on Kickstart. These Tech backpacks are fully water proof ,making them comfortable for outdoor activities, commuting and travel. A special TPU-Coated Fabric is used and hence it prevents moisture leakage. The seams on bag are welded using a high
frequency method instead of conventional stitching.


Hustle –are Solar + Anti –Theft and shoulder bags and this has 2898 backers on the platform. 15000 Lifepacks have already been shipped all over the world and based on the feedback from the users , improvements have been made, leading to evolution of present design. It has space for all of your stuff. Even one can store all the tools in these bags.


Leather Bags and Gear-These are messenger bags convertible Backpack, Tech Roll Cord Organizer .These include instantly convertible Zinnia backpack, a slim wallet ,rugged camera strap and are perfect for any situation.


Camper-In this limitless energy is generated by solar panel integration and massive battery bank. One can recharge his device off-grid with NRGcamper. This has 169 backers and pledged amount of $30391.It is equipped with a 16000Ah Battery bank which gets locked in bag’s frame.


made in Italy jacket that feels like a backpack. BFLIP merges the experience of Italian fashion masters with the performance of tech garments in a jacket that becomes a backpack. High quality fabric and unique components are main characteristics of this Backpack. The windproof, waterproof and scratch proof fabrics guarantee comfort and reliability.

Razer Project Ariana – An Innovative Gadget for Tech Enthusiasts

A mind boggling number of cool and best tech gadgets have hit the shelves this year. For a tech enthusiast to sift through all the gadgets can be daunting even with all the love for technology. I am a technophile and love divulging in various tech gadgets to explore the cool and unimaginable worlds they help create. With the roaming trend of virtual reality which now is more real with Samsung’s Gear VR headset that gives one a futuristic and immersive experience just by attaching a smart phone, innovators are stepping up their tech gears and giving us unthinkable inventions. One of the coolest inventions that I have come across which in my opinion will revolutionize gaming is the Razer Project Ariana. This gadget should be an envy of most tech enthusiast especially gamers.

Razer Project Ariana takes gaming to another futuristic dimension by incorporating multi-color lighting and video projections revolutionizing gaming. Most brands are looking into how to include new environments into gaming with multi-color LEDs gaining their way into most PC gaming equipment. Well the Razer Project Araina has crossed this step with use of a projector that takes the chroma ecosystem of the game and broadcasts it on a wall. The projector is able to extend a gamers field of view with better clarity. This helps in keeping the tall buildings and panorama environment of the game in clear view as you perform jumps, spins or even in fights. The wow factor Razer project brings out while gaming is exhilirating and mind blowing. With combination of Philip Hue devices that can connect to Chroma, gaming becomes a completely immersive experience that you have never felt before.

Project Ariana does not only create an out of the world gaming experience but by immersing you into the game environment, game play is also made easy. It is useful in situations like where enemies can be out of bounds of main screen, they can be seen in the corners of the projected images on the wall also, when swinging a blade it goes all the way beyond bounds of main screen onto the walls. Imagine having a better look on upcoming turns in a racing game or seeing your enemies before they can get a shot on you, Ariana is able to let you experience this with expanded field of view. Apart from the immersion experience, Project Araina can also provide awareness by flashing of colors on the edge of your view in game events to help you spot shooters.

Razer Project Araina is really a sweet invention and a must have gadget for gaming enthusiast and technophiles. The gained immersion and increased field of view is super fun and proves useful in spotting your enemies or the objectives in the game. Its unique user experience, self-calibrating properties and the attractive designed on Project Ariana makes this gadget a personal favorite in cool gadgets released so far. The resulting gaming experience brought by Project Ariana combines everything from lighting to video projection in order to bring an incredibly true visual gaming experience.

The Best Brand Wireless Headsets

Wireless headsets are easy to find nowadays, and they are not so expensive which makes them attractive to an average consumer as well as to the people who want to improve their business communication. Wireless headsets haven’t lost a thing when it comes to the functionality, and they are a lot more practical than the headsets that have a cord.

Today, there is a huge selection of wireless headphones, and you are free to choose which is best for you or your business. There are a few types of wireless headsets available on the market, like DECT, 2.4 GHz, and Bluetooth headsets.

The profile that DECT uses is GAP which stands for Generic Access Profile that is used to ensure that a connection is set between the base station and its cordless handset. There is also a possibility to use two devices from different manufacturers and make communication between the two of them. If you like the way DECT functions, you can buy a DECT phone and enjoy wireless communication.

Generic Access Profile is used to ensure that the connection between the base station and the cordless handset is set and that it is working properly. DECT is a great system because it lets you use two different devices from two different manufacturers. You can accomplish communication between the two devices, and you can enjoy excellent quality wireless communication with DECT devices.

Bluetooth wireless headsets are very popular nowadays, and the need for them on the market is steadily growing. If you are interested in buying a Bluetooth headset, you should be aware that on the market you may find many different types of this particular device. There are mono Bluetooth headsets available, and you have stereo headphones as well. Bluetooth headsets are not too pricey, and they are a great way of communication. It is a lot easier to use Bluetooth headset than any other cord headset.

Most of the 2.4GHz wireless headphones come in two parts. One is the headset itself, and the other one is a base station that connects to your phone by using the handset jack to accomplish the communication. Some wireless headphones can be quite practical because you can answer the phone just by clicking the button on your headset.

Difference between wireless headsets

These headsets are classified into various types of each headset for the different set of users and performing different functions.

• DECT Headset: This is a type of headset which uses GAP compatible profile. With this feature, it prevents the call from any interference and hence ensures high clarity and audibility of voice during communication. This feature makes the low-frequency range to yield high reliability and wide range.

• Industrial Standard Phones: These are the phones which are widely used in industries. These phones are most suitable for an industrial environment which consists of a wide area and very high temperature. Hence these types of phones work on a vast wide range of area.

• Cordless headset: this is the kind of headset which is without a wire and is divided into two parts, and that is the phone base, and the other part is the headset. It is electrically connected phone which has a battery connected to the headset and therefore the headset is charged by connecting it to the electrically connected phone base system. It can work up to 10-12hours away from the base after charging. Helps you give freedom of movement as you can talk over the phone and at the same time move to the location you want.

Here are Top Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones.

1. Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones

The Bose QuietComfort 35 is extremely comfortable to wear with soft padded ear cups which fit snugly around your ears. They fold flat enabling you to pack them away when you are not using them neatly. The ear cushions on these headphones made from a supple synthetic-protein leather which rests gently against your head.

The Bose QC35 has perfectly designed controls. The right ear cup houses all the magical checks. On the side you will find Bluetooth pairing switch on the bottom of the ear cup, you will find small indicator lights and playback controls. You will also find NFC chip for quicker pairing with compatible Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. On the outside of the ear cup, there is a button for turning on the noise cancellation.

Another impressive feature of Bose QC35 is Active Noise Cancellation. The moment these headphones touch your ears, the noise around you disappears even without music playing. With Bose QC35, you can find exceptional comfort even in noisy environment. Whether you will be working, relaxing or traveling, you only need to switch to ANC, and you will be blocking the surrounding noise. The Bose QC35 features longer battery life that lasts up to 20 hours just on a single charge. With Bose QC35, you can spend all day long listening to your favorite tracks continuously. For instance, let’s say you will be taking a long flight and you will need more than 20 hours, you can double the battery to around 40 hours by plugging the included audio cable only using the ANC without Bluetooth enabled. The Bose QC35 features volume-optimized EQ that balanced audio performance at any volume.

How Your Car Is Rapidly Becoming The Smartest Tech Gadget Around

In this world of rapidly growing technology, one could not imagine the vast horizons that this connected world can offer us. This unparalleled world has advanced to the domain of automotive which has left us astonished about its endless possibilities. A few years ago, technologies like infotainment, navigation, emergency calling etc gave birth to the concept of connected cars.

However, the capabilities were unleashed when your car was connected to a wireless network and you could control it with either a smart phone or a wearable device. Further, cars will also be connected to workplaces and homes.

The result of this system is not only increased efficiency but also increased safety and comfort. Characteristics of Connected cars include but are not limited to voice commands, hands free operations, traffic assistance, safety control, collision detection and many more.

Current advancements in connected cars

Many of us are aware of voice recognition systems and hands free technologies and also might be using it daily while driving. Currently the collisions detection, traffic assistance and such dynamic things are handled through communication to the satellite.

Moreover, your car system also suggests you some alternative routes to avoid traffic.The near future awaits the fusion of automotive and smart gadgets.

There are many companies like Nvidia, Line, Apple,Microsoft, AT&T, visa etc who are working with Automotive giants like Hyundai, Toyota, BMW etc. Considering the potential and the capabilities, many software and telecommunication companies look forward to this domain.

No sooner we will start experiencing cars that help us in parking, providing car maintenance reports and also that will update us in any cases of theft or unlocking.

Reports say that telecommunication companies are working on combining mobile and car’s data usage so that the passengers can enjoy Wi-fi hotspots during their travel.
Furthermore to give your imagination power another surprise, you will also be able to make payments through your car without using any of your card or bank details. A preinstalled app could help you make payments at gas stations and other places.

Future of connected cars.

We could just imagine how astonishing the future of connected cars would unfold in front of us. While the concept of connected homes grows simultaneously, our cars and homes will soon be connected which would eradicate many traditional practices. By sensing the proximity of the car connected to the home, our home would smartly switch on the air conditioner and the lights as our car approaches the home. Moreover, cars will also enable auto SMS service which would send alerts to family members if you are stuck in traffic or unfortunately meet with an accident.

The concept of cloud computing is also being introduced and worked upon rigorously to extend the limits. We would also soon see embedded messengers in cars that would enable calling, messaging and other communication.

Moreover, the concept of fully self driven cars with the use of artificial intelligence can never be ignored and that day is not far when we would be travelling in completely self driven cars.

Surviving As a Professional through Computer Skills

Computer literacy is today considered as one among the basic requirements in every profession. But do you know that it’s also an avenue to achieve the best in your dream profession? Majority might start asking how but it is as simple as operating a computer has come to be. Traditionally, pursuing any profession required seeking a competent institution that offer training and sit for examinations from an accredited body to gain qualification and recognition. In this new era, access to an internet-connected computer is enough to pursue a dream career. Here are some of the avenues that the platform provides.

1. Access to online institutions

Numerous institutions of learning have now turned to online platform to offer their professional courses. This comes as an easy option for most prospective professionals who take advantage of the convenience to learn from home. Through this arrangement, students are not required to pay for accommodation or transport fees and in such way making it a cost effective way to learn. Interactive and communication tools are provided by the institutions to ensure the course instructors and students always have a reliable interaction platform.

2. Reduction of geographical barriers

In every profession, there are leading institutions where every student aspires to undertake the course. Competition and geographical barriers always hinder the dream to majority of the students. With the new computer technology, access to these institutions is much easier without the need to travel to the physical location of the institution. As such students from across the globe easily register and follow dream courses from the convenience of their homes.

3. Access to research materials

Researchers are always at work. They make new discoveries by each day in different fields. New discoveries are among the best materials for learners and professionals. While this information was limited traditionally, researchers today offer an online platform where this information is accessible with ease. This is a great way to enhance the pursuit of the new profession. This factor offers a wider option for learning materials hence ensuring the student is better equipped by the time of completing their course.

4. Student exchange groups

Communication is much easier with the onset of computers. This provides students with a platform to discuss various topics regarding their profession. Sharing of ideas and experiences is a great way to enhance the knowledge required to pursue any career. These are available for students in same institutions as well as different institutions and countries.

5. Online libraries

Libraries offer the biggest source of information for developing professionals. While these were only available in institutions and local points traditionally, the internet provides with an inexhaustible list of the libraries. This makes it much easier for the learning profession to access diverse sources of learning materials.

In the modern era, the world is changing at unbelievable rate. Any professional seeking relevance in the ever-changing world must keep up with the changes. This is better achieved through use of different platforms available online. These provide options for both learning and practicing professionals. It’s effective, reliable and an assurance to always remain relevant in one’s profession.