Kuri – The babysitting robot

kuri robot

the Kuri robot was created to be a capable babysitter and security device. At just 20 inches tall, this little robot is capable of face recognition, video and image capture through a 1080p camera hidden in its eyes. It can act both as a clever playmate to your kids or pets, and a roaming security camera.

The main advantage of Kuri over any other robot helper is its personality: Kuri uses the latest advances in artificial intelligence to not only recognize voices, faces and places, but also to learn from their context and respond accordingly.

In practice this means that Kuri will be capable of learning from each family member´s routine, sending notes directly to your cell phone whenever it notices anything out of place, thanks to its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

Aesthetically created to please the youngsters

The first time we had a look at Kuri was at this year´s Consumer Electronic Show, in Las Vegas, and it definitely had a Pixar-esque air. The robot is all white, except for its base. It has round shapes, expressive eyes and color-changing LEDs built into its chest. Its look perfectly matches the chirps, beeps and nods that this little robot uses to communicate.

Its personality was also designed to connect with the family and their routine, getting smarter over time with regular use and software updates. According to Mayfield´s COO Sarah Osentoski, the most important aspect of Kuri is that it has a face instead of a screen. The robot is capable of using facial expressions and LEDs to autonomously show its mood. It will even look at you if you gently tap its head.

An ambitious babysitting project

According to the people at Mayfield Robotics, Kuri is smart enough to set reminders, and then use its built-in Wi-Fi connection to let you know about them. It can also patrol the house while you are out, and, supposedly, will be capable of returning by itself to a charging station whenever it runs low on battery. The main feature, however, is its ability to keep the children busy. Kuri doesn´t talk, but it can play music, podcasts and even stories.

You then will be more than able to use the camera´s streaming functionality to check what is happening, and even speak through its speaker system.

It will do more than just walking around, though. Their creators wants Kuri to join the Internet of Things trend, being able to flawlessly work with IFTTT (If This Then That, the world´s largest online rule-maker) to control any connected devices on your smarthome network using chained actions called Applets.

Sadfully, by the time Kuri was show, the robot was hardly capable of autonomy. It was able, however, to recognize voice commands and faces.

Kuri is set to launch in December 2017, and while it still has a long way to go in its quest to become a reliable babysitter, its evolution is a pleasant one. Being able to see your kids while you are away, set reminders and control most home devices through a single, adorable command center is a plus too big to miss out.

Hp Spectre x360 Laptop Review

hp x360 convertible laptop

I bought the HP Spectre x360 Laptop to help with my office work. It has a thin convertible frame, and it does it all. I would describe it as sleek and stunning. The display is great, and it is incredible light. The Company shaved any unneeded centimeter to achieve the small design. The body of this machine made from solid aluminum and the finishing is a combination of chrome hinges and brushed aluminum body.

· Great Keyboard

I love the keyboard because it is backlit and has extra wide glass. The laptop has a geared hinge made of stainless steel that helps it rotate fluidly in a 360-degree rotation. I find it perfect for doing my presentations and sharing project photos with my staff. I also use it for video conferencing, web surfing and reading.

· Battery life

The most incredible thing about HP Spectre is that it has a long battery life. You are guaranteed to work for at least 15 hours without plugging in the charger. The laptop has a fast charge feature that is very helpful especially when you need to charge the laptop to use it outside.

· USB enabled

Its RAM is 16 GB and has a fast PCLe storage7. The two USB Type-C ports are very helpful to me. They transfer data very fast, offers a display support and a charging support as well. It also has a USB 3.O Type-A for added flexibility.

· Webcam and enticing audio

Another feature I like about this HP laptop is the webcam. I Skype a lot with my clients, and it gives the perfect video calls. It has dual array mics to optimize voice. The two strategically placed fans help in optimizing thermal management. Proper thermal management allows full intel core processing power. It also has the HP Audio Boost that ensures louder and clearer sound. The Audio Boost maximizes the peak speaker output. You do not need to use headphones.

· The best display

It is very fast, and the picture display is splendid. The features are compatible with other third party applications that help in providing the functionality you need. The wireless access point for internet services is swift and very fast to connect. It requires a Full High-Definition (FHD) content to view FHD images. When I bought it, I came to realize that not all features were available in this edition but I upgraded the system, and now I enjoy full advantage of my windows functionality.

· Overall performance

I would describe the performance of HP Spectre X 360 as fast and reliable. It has a high Intel Core processing power, and the speed is high. The trackpad is very swift, and it stays in control to avoid unnecessary clicks.

This laptop complements my work, and I feel as if it was designed to help me do it all. I have not encountered any technical problems or loss of data. I like my laptop so much because it is perfect for my job. I bought at a pocket-friendly price, and it is serving me even more than I expected. I recommend it to anyone who needs a fast machine to do his work.

pebble 2

A Review of the Pebble 2 – Kickstarter Funded Project

Four years ago, Pebble embarked upon a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign that attracted a wide fan base. Consumers were won over by the company’s original water resistant, durable smartwatch with a weeklong battery life. This brings us to the company’s Pebble 2 smartwatch that is now focused on fitness and health tracking. The base model of the line is available for $99, with another model retailing for $130. The second model features sensors on its underside for the tracking of heartrate throughout the day and as you exercise.

This new smartwatch also features a workout option, can track walks and runs as well as generic workouts. Even if you do not choose to activate the workout option, the Pebble 2 can automatically know when you begin to increase your levels of activity.

This new smartwatch looks slightly different from its predecessor. It features a 1.26 inch, black and white e-paper display with a Gorilla Glass lens and manufactured of polycarbonate. It does need to be noted that the display is not a touch screen, it does contain physical buttons that are user-friendly.

Sleeker but Still Angular

The Pebble 2 is thinner than the original Pebble smartwatch. The bezel is smaller, which makes the display screen seem larger. The watch is water resistant to upwards of 30 meters and contains a built-in microphone for responding to texts messages. It does need to be noted that there are some limitations for the smartwatch in regards to iOS, mainly when connected to the following networks: T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T. There are so many wonderful gadgets and accessories for these types of items such as watch straps you can buy on Tao Bao or the Solar Power Bank – this kind of gadget allows you to charge your mobile on the go or while you’re even out in nature, and it can be a complete life saver for some people, and it’s also great for the environment!

The Pebble 2 also features hardware additions include an optical heart rate sensors. Additionally, the company utilized activity-based software on an algorithm that has been developed by a PhD candidate in neuroscience from Stanford University.

Notifications are Both Annoying and Ignorable

Users of the Pebble 2 will notice that their daily step goals are consistently changing. This is due to the company wanting users to utilize their own personal bests as guideposts as opposed to some arbitrary number. With the new smartwatch, the exercise tracking is automatic and the watch with give you a [digital] thumbs up for moving about.

Heart Rate Track is a Bit Dismal

At times, you will receive readings that make absolutely no sense. It will make you wonder if the software governing the heart rate tracker is defective. Hopefully the company will offer a fix for this very soon.

In Conclusion

If you can disregard the issues that are plaguing the heart rate tracker, the Pebble 2 is a good choice in the realm of health and fitness tracking smartwatches. It is a nice improvement over the original Pebble smartwatch due to its built-it microphone, smaller bezel and it being slightly thinner. The battery life outlives all its competitors. It is said to last a week long, but you can be certain to get a full six days out of it before it will require a charge.

You will also want to note that the Pebble 2 is far less expensive when compared to the Apple Watch or the Android Wear Watch. The design choices are up for debate, but all-in-all the smartwatch is ideal for those new to the trend and wanting to get their feet wet.


Cool Accessories in 2016 Most People Don’t Know About

Technological advancement in the 21st century has led to rapid innovation of new accessories each passing day. Even before you get accustomed to that new gadget you acquired recently another gadget far much better than what you had dreamt of is innovated and released. Here is a list of just a few interesting accessories or gadgets that you never knew existed.

Pocket Size Touch Screen Projector

This small projector has changed the way presentations have been done over the years. The amazing thing is that once your PC, laptop, MAC or any of your smart devices’ screen is projected on the wall or any flat surface of up to 2 metres, the projected screen turns into a touch screen. From the huge touch screen you can do a lot of manipulation just like on a Smartphone or tablet.

Pocket Printer from-ZUtA Labs

Everybody seems to be on the “go” mode and with everything becoming small and slim to fit our new lifestyle, printers have not been left behind. ZUtA has innovated a pocket size robotic printer that can be literally put in the pocket. Interestingly, it can comfortably print on all sizes of paper.

A smart Seek and Track Robot Camera

This small gadget could project our security systems to the next level. The small rotating camera is able to track all movements through motion sensors. It also records the time during which those movements took place. The footage is of high resolution and in case there is change of contrast when the small robotic camera is at work, it changes lenses to take even clearer footages.

Noke Padlock

Padlocks have always been used together with keys but that might become a thing of the past as we welcome the first Bluetooth padlock in the world. The huge benefit of this kind of padlock is that there are no bunches of physical keys to get lost, stolen or duplicated. You will also rest assured that that your valuable property is well protected.

Thermal Camera

Have you ever wished that you could see in the dark like the nocturnals? Well, wish no more. FLIR camera is here to make your wish come true. This thermal imaging camera will give you an incredible vision at night and you can see 350 to 500 yards away. With this durable camera, you can enjoy your night camping or hunting even more or just use it for tracking thieves and trespassers who like to take cover in the dark.

Anti-gravity Smartphone Case

This case has made selfies, video watching and other hand-free activities you do with your Smartphone extremely easy and enjoyable. To take a selfie for example, all you have to do is to place your Anti-gravity case-covered-phone on any flat surface in front of you and click the camera button. The case which is made using nano technology is temperature resistant, durable and easy to clean.

Instant button for your Smartphone

There are times when you try to access apps on your phone as quickly as possible to no avail. This instant button has come to your rescue. All you have to do is to plug it on your phone and access all your apps instantly with a single click.

5 Gadgets I Can’t Live Without

What does it mean to have all you need? 7 years ago I was content meeting new friends online through myspace. 10 years ago I was fine using a map to find my way around town when I was lost. 15 years ago I had a cord attached to my phone and thought nothing of it.

The things we think satisfy our needs today will be the butt of many jokes in the future. While I admit that your average persons home resembles a technological arms race to see which neighbor can amass the most expensive gadgets as if cold war secrets depended on it. On the surface this may seem be a flaw built into our capitalistic society.

I think that’s the wrong way to look at it. As humans we have a innate urge to use tools. Your iphone and flatscreen are the 21st century equivalent of the spear and wheel. You can ignore many of your base natures as you navigate modern society but the lust for new tech is ingrained in your very being.

Resistance is futile.

With that in mind here are five of my favorite toys that you’ll see in cities around the country in the next year.

1) The Illuminating eye messenger from IRIS is at the very top of my christmas list. Now I know what you’re thinking: After all of that hoopla about the spear and the wheel you lead off with an eye messenger?!

I’d say you’re underestimating this little gem.

According to a survey from the Department of Labor most office work fatigue is caused by staring at computer screens on a daily basis. Using the eye messenger will make you a more productive employee and will save you alot of discomfort. I’m getting one as soon as they come to market.

2) As an avid cyclist I was super pumped to hear about Garmin’s new Varia Vision augmented reality display glasses. These things can alert you to oncoming traffic and other potentially dangerous situations for cyclers. With a $400 price tag they aren’t cheap but you can’t put a price on safety.

3) Me and my wife have been recycling and volunteering to clean up our local parks for 5 years now. It’s be a very rewarding experience and has lead us to examine our lives at home and figure out if we can change our habits in order to leave a smaller environmental footprint.

The GoSun stove is a new solar powered grill scheduled to hit stores in the next year. This smart machine absorbs 80% of sunlight reflected onto it and greatly reduces electricity use over it’s life cycle.

It will also save us a ton on our power bill which is a nice bonus.

4) Soccer is another passion of mine and Adidas’s new smart ball has me very excited. Advanced sensors in the ball can determine speed, flight path, and impact point. As a coach of my boys team this will give us a whole new layer of data to make our players and team better.

5)The final item on my list is actually for my wife. She’s been huge into gardening and I’ve found her the perfect birthday gift to help her maintain her plants. Edyn’s garden sensor and water valve system comes to market at the end of the year. This thing is incredible. It reads your soil and tells you exactly what plant would grow best in that spot.

Tech gets a bad rap but let’s be honest, without our toys life would be much more boring and difficult. Hopefully I’ll be able to make an even larger list in 2017.

4 Different Pieces of Technology to Make Your Photography

Photography is one of the areas that have greatly benefited from technology in the recent past. Days have past have passed when many people embraced old school photography and digital photography has rapidly gained popularity. However, some people are still practicing analogy photography and are reluctant to use modern technology. Whether you do photography as a business or for enjoyment, there are different pieces of technology that you can use to make your photography better.

1. Use digital cameras

Digital cameras come use digital technology that enable them to capture and record images. Unlike old- style film cameras, digital cameras give a completely new meaning to the idea of painting by numbers. This means that digital cameras are able store photographs as long strings of numbers. It is also easy to edit photographs taken using digital cameras and even share them using email, website and cell phones. It is also worth noting that digital cameras are able to produce instant photographs thereby reducing the waiting time. Digital cameras are user friendly than film cameras and reduces material wastage in photography. You can take as many photos as you want, pick the best one and delete others without worrying about the wasting the film.

2. Use Photography apps

With new technology, it is now possible to edit and crop photos to make them better. Raw photography is losing popularity gradually and many people are using apps installed in their smart phones, cameras, and computers to make photos finer and appealing. For instance, with appropriate apps a photographer can improve low quality photos to high quality photos. Some of the common apps used in modern photography include Snapseed, VSCO, Over, TouchRetouch, Repix, Adobe Photoshop express and image Blender among others. Most apps are compatible with smart phones and computers depending with the device’s operating system. We’ve seen a lot of photo booth apps pop up recently, so it’s very interesting to note.

3. Use digital darkrooms

Unlike in old school photography where dark rooms were a necessity, modern cameras have inbuilt setting to enhance photos. The technology has made photography possible without using chemical- laden rooms to produce good photos. With digital software tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom, modern photography is not only easier but also enjoyable. It is also worth noting that digital darkrooms produce quick and high quality photos that those produced in old school dark rooms.

4. Use digital marketing

Digital marketing enables professional photographers to market their skills with ease, something that was impossible in old school photography. For instance, some wedding photographers make near or above 6-digit figure revenue, courtesy of digital marketing. Unlike in the old school photography where photographers went through hell to reach potential customers, modern photographers can market their skills through the internet using websites and social media platforms without much struggle. Digital marketing also enable photographers to display their products and exchange views with potential customers online.

Generally, the above pieces of technology have enabled photographers to take their artistry to higher heights. However, this does not mean that these are the only technologies in modern photography. There are many more, only that those named above have really changed the world of photography for good.

What Is The Future Of Marketing?


Marketing used to be neatly compartmentalized into boring boxes of conformity. Entrepreneurs of long ago stuck to rules that often made the marketing process droning, repetitive, and expensive. As you look around you now, the creative web and social media are now dominating all industries, including the marketing world.

As you know, the presence of social media and the creative web has made the elements of marketing cheaper, faster, and smarter. Things are so accessible now that the thick lines that separate public relations, marketing, and advertising have already disintegrated.

What the Future Holds for Digital Marketing

The levels of client education and expectation are continuously changing. The constant change is brought about by the creation of online content, social media, blogging, and search engine optimization. What does the future hold for marketing? Here are some of the possibilities:

Marketing Agencies Educate. In the future, there will be more people who want to educate entrepreneurs. More information-based companies are going to teach more companies and entrepreneurs about the secret to effective marketing. The goal is to enable and educate agencies for more efficient marketing.

Specialized Experts. Because of easy online access, may companies prefer having many freelancers under their wing. It takes a lot of energy, time, and resources to gather people in one area to do work. With a quick online referral network, certain projects can be given immediately to freelancers who specialize in them.

Content Help. Before, a client just hands in the budget to a group of people, who do all the work for you. Then, you just watch and approve the project. The future does not involve this anymore. Marketing in the future involves the participation of the client. The client will always provide the concepts and the marketer thinks of the way to create content, what kind of content should be created, and how to promote the content. At the same time, the agency also monetizes and measures it. Because of this system, promotions will become cheaper, smarter, and faster.

New Media Sources and Bloggers Should Be Respected. Traditional advertising is not extinct or forgotten. Aside from the traditional means, there are other quicker means to generate trust, buzz, or sales. In the years to come, new media sources and blogs with huge advertising and sponsorship opportunities are the ones that will do far better than banner ads, print ads, and 30-second commercials. They will definitely lock on to the target market, any company wants to attract. Building a relationship with bloggers, who specialize in the product, is the key to cheaper, more effective marketing. Podcasts are more inexpensive and less laborious than paying for a TV commercial.

No Outsourcing of Relationships. The future needs the client to be interactive enough to be the one who forms relationships online. Trust is the key and to establish that, the client needs to engage in conversations with customers. Marketing agencies should not be the ones to do this.

Marketing of the future depends on methods that last and stick to the target audience’s minds. This is not provided by traditional media anymore. Online media is the one that will rule the marketing world on a long-term basis. The future is, indeed, bright for the marketing industry. Companies just need to focus on the right marketing methods as early as now.

5 Major Reasons Big Businesses Are Ramping Up their Network Security

cyber security

Alert big business owners already know who is working harder than their IT staff. It is a variety of clever cybercriminals intent on creating havoc with their business by interfering with the security medium and small businesses with whom they conduct business. That includes the supply chain, partners and suppliers. The following reasons are five ways to keep ahead of network security damage in your business.

1.Customers expect perfection.

Close is not good enough. Businesses work around the clock and even a few minutes of daily downtime, regardless of the reason, may cost your business a contract and valuable customer. Determine who in the company should activate a backup plan and how it will be enforced.

2.Responsibility deserves credit.

The team and leader deal with a subversive, brilliant class of cybercriminals daily. Think about the sophisticated corporations larger than yours that have faced issues because of bugs, viruses and breaches. Determine the level of training required for the security team and arrange for it to be done. Your IT chief has likely been insisting on encryption for years! Let it be done properly and acknowledge their efforts to keep data and transmissions safe.

3.Create proper classification of data before sending it to the cloud.

Need-to-know data is information that causes the greatest risk if compromised. Label it restricted. Confidential information usually would cause moderate risk to the company if it was accessed by other than the department or company owning it. Non-sensitive data can be identified as public information with little or no control. There is minimal or no risk if another party sees it. Above all, encrypt all documents and data you do not wish to share BEFORE sending it to the cloud.

4.Ex-employees are threats. Even one can affect your company and clients in all directions.

They may have access to logins and passwords beyond the ones needed for their own position. The practice of allowing co-workers and team members access to files and records they have not been authorized to access is still a common practice, despite warnings about the danger. Example s of aggressive managed network security procedure include weekly IT-changed passwords for each employee and defining who can access company applications and the type(s) of devices used for that access.

5.The Internet of Things (IoT) delivers a connectivity threat from devices used on a daily basis.

Smart televisions and home thermostats are just two examples of connected devices with little or no security safeguards. Internal equipment used to send instructions is open to invasion.

Steps for ramping up network security include verifying that any person or business with access to company data is at least equal to the security requirements of each customer’s business. Make online security a priority and learn all you can about the latest cyber-threats. That will provide the power you need to support the methods and actions aimed at defeating the threat.