4 New Computer Tech You Should Know About

Technological advancement and innovation in our times seem to be at its best. Emerging computer technologies are making life cool. This breakthrough has an impact on our economy, social life and lifestyle, culture, politics, and improvement in health. While some are unfolding now, others will take a decade or more to advance.

Computerized Self-driving cars

Cars today have semi-autonomous features which mean that less human control is needed in driving. The features include assisted parking and self-braking systems. This is bringing to dawn completely autonomous vehicles which will not require any human control to operate; the system is computerized. Waymo will be launching a taxi that is self-driven in the suburbs of Phoenix. Is this not a huge deal? Surely it is. This deal means will bring more efficiency in commute services, reduction of traffic jam and more free time. According to a statistics of study by NHTSA, 94 percent of all accidents that occur originate from human errors. Computerized self-driving cars will reduce rates of accidents by a figure close to 94 percent. This is a hope of better living. However, there is a challenge that a large number of people in the traveling industry will lose their driving jobs.

Computational photography

The term is used to refer to a broad range of ways that software engineers are working on software for better digital cameras. Even without replacement of high-end sensors, better shots are becoming possible with software improvement. Smartphones are gadgets that are widely used to take photos in our times. They are becoming thinner while their ability to capture better images is being developed. Samsung and Apple phones are using software to create a good depth of field effects on these phone models. The progress will require more innovation; therefore, engineers should not settle for less.

Adobe Technologies

Who doesn’t like a technology that is exciting? There is none. Adobe has changed our life dramatically. Social media like Twitter and Facebook could be a hell without a Photoshop where you try to make some of the imaginations of mind a reality. This editing software is just cool for video development. In 2007 adobe introduced cool tweaks for some of its products that were already in existence. The challenge with Photoshop is that it is becoming challenging to differentiate between authentic and fake news.

Smart watches technology for the medical treatment

This is a glorified computerized machine that is saving our lives. Apart from the apparent wearable, you need a smartwatch for tracking your exercising activities. Whether your sporting activity is jogging, walking, running or even swimming, there is a smartwatch available for you.

A study conducted by professional researchers affiliated to Heart Rhythm Society investigated whether heart rate sensor might be useful for detecting the symptomless type of atrial fibrillation and heart arrhythmia. An optical blood volume sensor, which is commonly found in smart watches, was used. 51 patients were enrolled to undergo a procedure meant to restore their normal heart rhythm.

According to the findings of the study, an Apple watch was used to detect their atrial fibrillation, and it recorded an accuracy of 97 %. Female health tracking application in the smartwatch is helpful for female users. The feature helps the ladies track their cycles hence giving them more freedom and reducing anxiety

Therefore, technology is making everything in life beautiful. Although challenges are coming with computerized technological advancement, there isn’t any that is too big to be managed.