Are people changing their mind on hunting with the emergence of people

Hunting has always been one of those sports which has been attributed to harming wildlife and the environment as well. However, people have been missing out on the fact that there is a significant difference between a poacher and a hunter. A poacher is a vicious and sadistic human being who kills animals for pleasure and profit, particularly endangered species of wild animals. A hunter on the other hand only kills for his need. People forget that our prehistoric ancestors were hunters. They hunted to provide food for their families and clothing as well.

Fortunately, there are people like Steven Rinella who have been changing the mindset of people who think hunting is to be blamed for the decline of certain species of animals. Too much of something is always bad, so hunters like Steven Rinella are helping people understand how hunters do not just kill animals for fun but use the meat for food. Steven has a popular show titled MeatEater that educates viewers a typical day in the life of a hunter. He talks about the hunting skill and how he uses the game he hunts for his food. The even educates people how to cook the meat of the hunted animals, so that the killing of the animal does not go to waste.

Steven Rinella shows his viewers how to patiently wait for the animals being hunted and shows different tactics of how to hunt wild game. He has hunted different types of animals large and small from turkeys to huge elks. His passion for the hunting sport has certainly made people think a bit differently about the whole hunting idea. On his shows he offers his audience his hunting techniques live, all within the half an hour of time that the show airs on The Sports Channel. His shows are truly exciting and he hunts in many areas across America, well aware on the hunting rules and regulations of each area. Besides hunting, Steven also has years of experience as a professional trapper as he once had a profession selling animal skins.

On his shows, he portrays his hunting skill and even dangerous close encounters he has had with different wild animals. He also speaks passionately about the hunting profession and his zeal for the great outdoors. He emphasizes that every hunter should also protect the land on which he hunts and not resort to needless killing of animals when there is no requirement for it. No true hunter will kill an innocent animal if did not have to. Some hunters have only killed wild animals in self-defense, not because they wanted to. He explains that there are many species of animals that prey on other species of animals. So, when we cannot ask a wolf or a bear to stop hunting, we cannot logically ask humans to stop hunting these animals as it would against nature itself.

Also, Steven explains on many occasions that he takes no pleasure in taking the life of an innocent creature. However, there are many people all over the world who eat the meat of wild game, but no one blames them for eating the meat. It is mostly the hunter who gets the blame and is frowned upon for killing the animal. In any case, many people eat chicken and buffalo meat and these animals are innocent as well. So no one should actually point a finger at a hunter saying that what they are doing is wrong. In reality, a hunter is the only person who understands the animal they are hunting better than the person blaming the hunter for killing it.