How Your Car Is Rapidly Becoming The Smartest Tech Gadget Around

In this world of rapidly growing technology, one could not imagine the vast horizons that this connected world can offer us. This unparalleled world has advanced to the domain of automotive which has left us astonished about its endless possibilities. A few years ago, technologies like infotainment, navigation, emergency calling etc gave birth to the concept of connected cars.

However, the capabilities were unleashed when your car was connected to a wireless network and you could control it with either a smart phone or a wearable device. Further, cars will also be connected to workplaces and homes.

The result of this system is not only increased efficiency but also increased safety and comfort. Characteristics of Connected cars include but are not limited to voice commands, hands free operations, traffic assistance, safety control, collision detection and many more.

Current advancements in connected cars

Many of us are aware of voice recognition systems and hands free technologies and also might be using it daily while driving. Currently the collisions detection, traffic assistance and such dynamic things are handled through communication to the satellite.

Moreover, your car system also suggests you some alternative routes to avoid traffic.The near future awaits the fusion of automotive and smart gadgets.

There are many companies like Nvidia, Line, Apple,Microsoft, AT&T, visa etc who are working with Automotive giants like Hyundai, Toyota, BMW etc. Considering the potential and the capabilities, many software and telecommunication companies look forward to this domain.

No sooner we will start experiencing cars that help us in parking, providing car maintenance reports and also that will update us in any cases of theft or unlocking.

Reports say that telecommunication companies are working on combining mobile and car’s data usage so that the passengers can enjoy Wi-fi hotspots during their travel.
Furthermore to give your imagination power another surprise, you will also be able to make payments through your car without using any of your card or bank details. A preinstalled app could help you make payments at gas stations and other places.

Future of connected cars.

We could just imagine how astonishing the future of connected cars would unfold in front of us. While the concept of connected homes grows simultaneously, our cars and homes will soon be connected which would eradicate many traditional practices. By sensing the proximity of the car connected to the home, our home would smartly switch on the air conditioner and the lights as our car approaches the home. Moreover, cars will also enable auto SMS service which would send alerts to family members if you are stuck in traffic or unfortunately meet with an accident.

The concept of cloud computing is also being introduced and worked upon rigorously to extend the limits. We would also soon see embedded messengers in cars that would enable calling, messaging and other communication.

Moreover, the concept of fully self driven cars with the use of artificial intelligence can never be ignored and that day is not far when we would be travelling in completely self driven cars.