Razer Project Ariana – An Innovative Gadget for Tech Enthusiasts

A mind boggling number of cool and best tech gadgets have hit the shelves this year. For a tech enthusiast to sift through all the gadgets can be daunting even with all the love for technology. I am a technophile and love divulging in various tech gadgets to explore the cool and unimaginable worlds they help create. With the roaming trend of virtual reality which now is more real with Samsung’s Gear VR headset that gives one a futuristic and immersive experience just by attaching a smart phone, innovators are stepping up their tech gears and giving us unthinkable inventions. One of the coolest inventions that I have come across which in my opinion will revolutionize gaming is the Razer Project Ariana. This gadget should be an envy of most tech enthusiast especially gamers.

Razer Project Ariana takes gaming to another futuristic dimension by incorporating multi-color lighting and video projections revolutionizing gaming. Most brands are looking into how to include new environments into gaming with multi-color LEDs gaining their way into most PC gaming equipment. Well the Razer Project Araina has crossed this step with use of a projector that takes the chroma ecosystem of the game and broadcasts it on a wall. The projector is able to extend a gamers field of view with better clarity. This helps in keeping the tall buildings and panorama environment of the game in clear view as you perform jumps, spins or even in fights. The wow factor Razer project brings out while gaming is exhilirating and mind blowing. With combination of Philip Hue devices that can connect to Chroma, gaming becomes a completely immersive experience that you have never felt before.

Project Ariana does not only create an out of the world gaming experience but by immersing you into the game environment, game play is also made easy. It is useful in situations like where enemies can be out of bounds of main screen, they can be seen in the corners of the projected images on the wall also, when swinging a blade it goes all the way beyond bounds of main screen onto the walls. Imagine having a better look on upcoming turns in a racing game or seeing your enemies before they can get a shot on you, Ariana is able to let you experience this with expanded field of view. Apart from the immersion experience, Project Araina can also provide awareness by flashing of colors on the edge of your view in game events to help you spot shooters.

Razer Project Araina is really a sweet invention and a must have gadget for gaming enthusiast and technophiles. The gained immersion and increased field of view is super fun and proves useful in spotting your enemies or the objectives in the game. Its unique user experience, self-calibrating properties and the attractive designed on Project Ariana makes this gadget a personal favorite in cool gadgets released so far. The resulting gaming experience brought by Project Ariana combines everything from lighting to video projection in order to bring an incredibly true visual gaming experience.