The Six Most Badass Tech Backpacks on Kickstarter


is an American entity based in Brooklyn that maintains a Global public funding platform (mechanism of raising funds for projects from huge number of contributors via internet), which promotes and encourages creativity .It is a public benefit
Corporation with a mission “to help bring creative projects to life”. Till date it has backed 257000 unique and artistic ventures in the field of Technology, comics, films, stage Shows, music and food related initiatives etc. It started its operations on April 28, 2009.

A Backpack

also known as kitbag, in its basic form, is a cloth sack carried on a person’s back and is tightened with two straps that go over the shoulders. These are primarily used by hikers, travelers, soldiers, photographers and students to carry heavy loads or equipment and are preferred over handbags because of easy to carry. This improves the ability to carry heavy loads as hips are stronger than the shoulders and the load is easy to balance.


Backpacks are a prominent project category on Kickstart, which have attracted huge number of pledges and great funding over various times and have always attracted keen interest from the funding community. A Tech Backpack is Badass, if it is tough, uncompromising impressive and excellent, which goes by its meaning in Oxford dictionary and the hence the category of badass Tech Backpacks on Kickstart have always invited keen interest from all stakeholders.

Visvo-a new

Generation of tech-filled backpacks, the design of which comes from Berlin, Germany -are the world’s most intelligently designed and minimalistic range. One can charge his devices on the go and light up his life. It has been designed keeping in mind the diverse needs of cyclists and other travelers. Integrated bike lights ensure a safe journey for the cyclist in case he drives through dark. These have spacious interior, backed with good shock absorption technology and have been made from tough, durable and water resistant fabric and have been designed to last for lifetime.

Code 10-are

Water proof, theft proof and Tech-Ready Backpacks and are one of the world’smost versatile bags. This project has 1696 backers on Kickstart. These Tech backpacks are fully water proof ,making them comfortable for outdoor activities, commuting and travel. A special TPU-Coated Fabric is used and hence it prevents moisture leakage. The seams on bag are welded using a high
frequency method instead of conventional stitching.


Hustle –are Solar + Anti –Theft and shoulder bags and this has 2898 backers on the platform. 15000 Lifepacks have already been shipped all over the world and based on the feedback from the users , improvements have been made, leading to evolution of present design. It has space for all of your stuff. Even one can store all the tools in these bags.


Leather Bags and Gear-These are messenger bags convertible Backpack, Tech Roll Cord Organizer .These include instantly convertible Zinnia backpack, a slim wallet ,rugged camera strap and are perfect for any situation.


Camper-In this limitless energy is generated by solar panel integration and massive battery bank. One can recharge his device off-grid with NRGcamper. This has 169 backers and pledged amount of $30391.It is equipped with a 16000Ah Battery bank which gets locked in bag’s frame.


made in Italy jacket that feels like a backpack. BFLIP merges the experience of Italian fashion masters with the performance of tech garments in a jacket that becomes a backpack. High quality fabric and unique components are main characteristics of this Backpack. The windproof, waterproof and scratch proof fabrics guarantee comfort and reliability.