Hp Spectre x360 Laptop Review

hp x360 convertible laptop

I bought the HP Spectre x360 Laptop to help with my office work. It has a thin convertible frame, and it does it all. I would describe it as sleek and stunning. The display is great, and it is incredible light. The Company shaved any unneeded centimeter to achieve the small design. The body of this machine made from solid aluminum and the finishing is a combination of chrome hinges and brushed aluminum body.

· Great Keyboard

I love the keyboard because it is backlit and has extra wide glass. The laptop has a geared hinge made of stainless steel that helps it rotate fluidly in a 360-degree rotation. I find it perfect for doing my presentations and sharing project photos with my staff. I also use it for video conferencing, web surfing and reading.

· Battery life

The most incredible thing about HP Spectre is that it has a long battery life. You are guaranteed to work for at least 15 hours without plugging in the charger. The laptop has a fast charge feature that is very helpful especially when you need to charge the laptop to use it outside.

· USB enabled

Its RAM is 16 GB and has a fast PCLe storage7. The two USB Type-C ports are very helpful to me. They transfer data very fast, offers a display support and a charging support as well. It also has a USB 3.O Type-A for added flexibility.

· Webcam and enticing audio

Another feature I like about this HP laptop is the webcam. I Skype a lot with my clients, and it gives the perfect video calls. It has dual array mics to optimize voice. The two strategically placed fans help in optimizing thermal management. Proper thermal management allows full intel core processing power. It also has the HP Audio Boost that ensures louder and clearer sound. The Audio Boost maximizes the peak speaker output. You do not need to use headphones.

· The best display

It is very fast, and the picture display is splendid. The features are compatible with other third party applications that help in providing the functionality you need. The wireless access point for internet services is swift and very fast to connect. It requires a Full High-Definition (FHD) content to view FHD images. When I bought it, I came to realize that not all features were available in this edition but I upgraded the system, and now I enjoy full advantage of my windows functionality.

· Overall performance

I would describe the performance of HP Spectre X 360 as fast and reliable. It has a high Intel Core processing power, and the speed is high. The trackpad is very swift, and it stays in control to avoid unnecessary clicks.

This laptop complements my work, and I feel as if it was designed to help me do it all. I have not encountered any technical problems or loss of data. I like my laptop so much because it is perfect for my job. I bought at a pocket-friendly price, and it is serving me even more than I expected. I recommend it to anyone who needs a fast machine to do his work.